Every year over 70,000 german family-owned companies with a turnover of over 50,000 Euro have to cope with finding a successor for the position of the managing owner. Nearly every second succession failes with dramtatic consequences for the employees. Because of this facts over 250,000 Jobs are in danger every year.


Sold companies are often loosing their identity after loosing the managing owner. The company culutre is suffering and the core competences are vanishing. Especially sales to a classical investor group are often failing because of different reasons, like the integration into a big company structure, failures in replacing the managing owners or the one-sided orientation for only profit.


The approach of the REIFEL-Group starts exact at this point. We know the structures of a family business out of our own experiences and especially the worries of the managing owner.

Our strategy is to concentrate on and to develop the special culture of the company. If such a company would be integrated into a big group, systems standardized to group standards and/or managed by employeed directors it would loose its identity. But this identity is the main factor for the future success of the company.


We are managing our companies like a manging-owner, we are present in the organization. Our main goal is to preserve and develop the company. There is no Exit-Strategy. We are building our success on the emploees and the existing management, there experiences and know-how. The employees are our key to success.

The future strategy is developed out of the combination of the know-how of the company and the experience of the REIFEL-Group. This strategy is driven by all employees and through this the future of the company is guaranteed.


Before we are starting to analyse a possible investment into a company we have to understand the approach and strategy of the owner and his or her character. Only if this is matching with our approach we will start to analyse the products, processes and financials. If this analysis is successful we are developing a businessplan inclusive an evaluation of the market, products and technologies. We are also defining the future role of the owner with regards to handover and support, this is for us an essential factor in this phase of the project.


After a successful takeover the primarly goal is to immediatly take over responsibility, to quickly understand the core processes and to convince the employees to follow us into the future. The jointly implementation of the strategic plan will guarantee the future success.