About us

We are an owner-managed group , which is spezilized on the participation in and acquisition of small & medium sized companies. Our medium term goal is to own the majority of shares of the relevant companies.


Our major goal within our engagements is to secure and stregthen the unique characeristics, the culture and the core competences of the company. The company will stay independent and will not be integrated into a big organization. After the future challenges of the company are analysed in detail a strategic plan will be developed and the company will be operational, structural and financially strengthened. The company is also benefiting from the wide experience of the REIFEL Holding GmbH in the fields of restructuring, financing and leadership in small & medium sized companies.


Our management has wide experiences within small & mdium sized organizations, operations and finanzing.

During the past years the REIFEL Holding GmbH has developed a large Network, which can support all activities to reach the goals of the strategic planning.

The Know-how transfer within the group members and the cooperation partners world-wide is giving additional opportunities for a successful future.